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Slideshow Presenting Our Lifetime Guarantee Wood Stove / Heaters

Dick’s Machine Shop
1605 Prairie Ave. NW

Waukon, IA 52172


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Huge Wood Stoves

Our Wood Stoves are Built to Last a Lifetime!


I live in the NE corner of Iowa 15 miles from the Mississippi River and 15 Miles from the Minnesota border. I have been making stoves for many years and they should last a lifetime! They will heat the largest 3 story farm house there is and I will estimate the output is at least 200,000 btu/hr. I built these stoves this size so I could cut my labor in half for cutting and splitting a winter's supply of wood. And after 30 years of cutting wood, this was very important to me. I could make these stoves smaller but they would cost almost as much, since the labor would be about the same. Why would anyone give up the [cut the labor in half] feature just to save a few inches of space? You can run a 10 inch round pipe to the hot air chamber of your furnace if you wish or just run it to a small register in the central room of the 1st floor like I do. My furnace never runs while I have the wood stove going and 1 winter my furnace died and I never got it fixed until the next fall. This stove is so efficient that people can't believe it,especially when you burn dry wood. If you burn DRY wood, you can have very little air coming into the stove and the fire still stays hot while there is very little air going up the chimney. If you look at the pics of my setup in the basement you will see the smokepipe is auger tubing and painted black. I made a mistake and grabbed a can of cheap paint that was next to the high temp paint I wanted to use. So when I got over being mad at myself for using the wrong paint, I figured I would just paint it with the high temp paint once the cheap stuff burned off. It has been over 5 years now and all the paint is still there. I figure the pipe has only gotten up to 350 degrees, and my paint chemist friend that works for John Deere said that if it would get to 400 degrees that "cheap crap" would be gone! My woodroom measures 13'x14' and now a full room of wood lasts 2 years instead of 1 year with my old smaller stove.


The stove has a 2 inch space between the firebox and jacket and the air is replaced 2 1/2 times per second. The outside of the stove gets up to approximately 230 degrees and as you can see in one of my pics, the top is loaded with wood for drying. However, the front of the stove and smoke pipe gets hotter so you should not have anything touching them.


I can heat my 2 story, 100 year old farm house ( 5 bedrooms upstairs) from September to June, without the help of my LP furnace, on 5 bundles of slabs which is about 3 cords of wood. Even at 0 degrees outside temperature, I only throw a few slabs in the stove at a time or it gets way too hot in the house


With these new "LIFETIME WOOD STOVES", you can cut your labor in half by burning larger pieces of wood. With the huge firebox (10 cubic feet!) you won't have to keep feeding it several times a day. This stove warms a cold house fast and will pay for itself the first year. We have a Lifetime Guarantee on all our stoves. Try One NOW!


The model shown in the slideshow is $3,295.00 ready to start using as your main heat source. Saving tons of money and wood, won't that be GREAT!


I also have standard models [ without blower, thermostat, and jacket ] for $2,895.00


Thank you for your interest... Dick.



New Information


I just talked to one of my old stove customers who had one of my stoves for 5 years but sold it back to me because his basement would get flooded every time it rained hard. His wood was always getting wet so he decided to get an outdoor boiler wood stove. He used it last winter and said he was going to get a larger model because it couldn't keep up when it was real cold. I couldn't believe what I was hearing because when he had my stove I would always ask him how the stove was going and he would always tell me it was just on low and his house was plenty warm. His outdoor stove is 5 times as big as mine and it can't keep up? It doesn't sound like a very efficient stove to me and it takes 4 times the wood that my stove needs to do the same job and costs 3 times as much!








Dick: This is James Beasley, and a friend and I had purchased 2 of your stoves last year, and I wanted to let you know that they work very well and if you ever need someone to recommend them, just give them my name and e-mail address or phone number and I'll tell them how well we like them. I have a 3000 sq ft house and it will literally run me out of it. Thanks again! ... James



Dick: Our house is MUCH warmer than it was last year! We only had it at 63 degrees last year and the old woodstove was always loaded and the furnace was running ... this year we are at 68 to 70 with the stove on low and basically no furnace! It really is a great stove! We really are VERY happy with it! ... Michele



Dick: Just want to tell you how happy I am with the stove. It provides plenty of heat to my whole house (3 thousand sq ft). For the first time in history, we actually are finding ourselves opening windows when it gets too hot inside - Thank you for your patience while talking me through the blower and thermostat wiring - You're a gentleman of your word and you build a first rate product - that's saying alot nowadays. The stove has incredible draft and wood ignites easily. The firebox is huge and I can load it up with lots of firewood for many hours of steady heat - I burn alot of garbage in it too. I'm 100% off fossil fuels to heat my house. With home heating oil over $3 now, your stove came at the right time, although I wish I had it years ago. What can you do about my car?! Seriously, please post this as a testimonial to your product, and feel free to give my phone number to anyone considering buying your stove. ... Sincerely, George in NJ



Specific Features of Stove


With these new "LIFETIME WOOD STOVES", you can cut your labor in half by burning larger pieces of wood. With the huge firebox (11 cubic feet!) you won't have to keep feeding it several times a day. The 200,000 btu/hr rated stove warms a cold house fast. Stove will pay for itself in 1 or 2 years.


• You can burn anything in these stoves and the warranty stands... Unlike some outdoor stoves that void the warranty if you burn anything but wood.


• Outside dimensions are 40"L x 25"W x 42"H not counting blower.


• Large 13" x 13" door and 36" L x 20"W x 24"H firebox.


• Heavy 3/16" thick firebox surrounded by 7 pieces of channel iron for long stove life.


• Flame deflector to keep flames from shooting up the chimney.


• Heavy 1/2" thick 100 lb.. slotted steel grate (will outlast stove). I checked a grate after 10 seasons and it still has the white paint letters from my steel company. They write Dick's Machine Shop on a bar in the bundle and I just happened to use it on the grate. There was no metal loss and the torched air hole edges were as sharp as when new......grate will probably last over 200 years.


• 8" flue for 8 inch stove pipe to chimney....... use an increaser for 6" stove pipe to chimney.


• 10" diameter opening ( top front) where hot clean air is blown out.


• Door opening reinforced with 3/8" x 2" steel to prevent warping.


• Large 16 gauge ash pan.


• Top of the line Honeywell thermostat and Very Quiet 549 cfm (cubic feet per minute) Dayton blower ( replaces air around firebox 2 ½ times per second ).


• Heavy 1/8" outer jacket for quiet operation... absolutely no vibration noise.


• You can also stack 300 lbs of wood on top for drying.


• Stove legs with skid-like pads for sliding without cutting into floor.


• Stove weighs approximately 800 lbs.


• Will heat the largest 3 story farm house there is.


• 50 Yr. guarantee against firebox burn-through.


• Stove blower and thermostat should be wired by an electrician or I will tell you how I wired mine.



Special Note


A stove loaded with firebrick is a warning sign! Manufacturers use firebrick to protect thin firebox walls. As a result the heat is slowed from getting to the outside, causing heat loss up the chimney. Firebrick will have to be replaced yearly and if a brick falls out of place, a hole will be burned through the firebox, rendering the stove unusable . Brick also reduces the size of the firebox.



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