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Lavandin Essential Oil


Essential Oils - Skin and Health Benefits


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Backwoods Country Soaps



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Lavandin Essential Oil


Lavandin Essential Oil - 1 oz.


Lavandin Essential Oil - 4 oz.


Wholesale Priced ----> Lavandin Essential Oil - 1 kg. - Approx 2.2 lbs.



A few of Lavandin Essential Oil Benefits:








Analgesic properties


Lavandin has anti-septic properties and can heal wounds and prevent them from becoming septic.


It is also administered to women after caesarian delivery surgeries.


It is also administered to bring relief from toothache and headache.


Lavandin is also administered to people with fever cough and cold.


The healing properties in lavandin can help to treat scar marks stretch marks and acne marks.


It is used as an expectorant and can unblock phlegm and cough and clear the respiratory tracts.


Lavandin oil is said to be good for the nervous system and can cure nervous disorders like vertigo, nervousness shaking of limbs and hands, Alzheimer’s disease and sluggishness.


Lavandin oil is often used to treat pain in the muscles…cramps stiffness and dermatitis.




Botanical Name: Lavandula intermedia var Abrialis

Plant Part: Flowers


Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


Origin: France


Description: Lavandin Abrialis is an aromatic evergreen shrub that is much larger than true Lavender. The flowering heads are more compressed with a dull, gray blue color.


Color: Pale yellow liquid


Common Uses: Lavandin Abrialis Essential Oil is used almost exclusively for scent. Many commercial manufacturers use both Lavandin Grosso and Lavandin Abrialis as replacements for Lavender 40/42. However, it should be noted that Lavandin has a much rougher, camphor type fragrance that is not as well rounded as traditional Lavender 40/42. It is also reputed to have applications with colds and head congestion.


Consistency: Thin


Note: Top


Strength of Aroma: Strong






Visit our page to see the soaps available by clicking here > Backwoods Country Soaps - Handmade Soaps.


We use essential oils in some of our soaps. Read below to learn the qualities of each oil.


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Important Notice: We make no medical or cosmetic claims on our soap. The essential oils we use however... have lots of qualities that you can read about here at Essential Oils- Skin and Health Benefits. User acknowledges that they have read and understand the TERMS OF USE, DISCLAIMER & PRIVACY POLICY.





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Lighthouse Food Farm - Feeding Hungry Americans - 864 - 647 - 2084


Here are a few ways we Help Feed Hungry Americans:


  • We Grow and Donate Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Soup Kitchens
  • We Grow and Donate Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Food Banks / Food Shelves
  • Help People to start Community Gardens across the United States
  • Deliver Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to the elderly and shut-ins
  • Coordinate with other Non-Profit Organizations to Feed Hungry Americans
  • See more at this page: Lighthouse Food Farm - Feeding Hungry Americans




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